UK government urged to tax motorists

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Car Rental News - 12/10/2009


Climate committee recommeds road pricing as means to cut CO2 emissions

A British government advisory board, the Committee on Climate Change has urged the UK government to raise taxes for motorists as a measure to help cut CO2 emissions. The government was also advised to enforce speed limits on major motorways more strictly, and to reduce speed limits on some roads to 60mph.

Presenting a swathe of similar recommendations that are unlikely to go down with British motorists, the committee has said that if the government seriously implemented these measures, it would help to cut carbon emissions by a staggering 5.6 million tones each year.

One of the more controversial recommendations from the committee was to install compulsory speed regulators on vehicles. These “intelligent” speed adaptor devices would keep vehicle speeds in check, and automatically regulate the driving speed.

The UK has been under pressure to meet its carbon-reduction targets, and the advisory board says road pricing would be one of the most effective methods to achieve these targets. The board pointed out that plans to cut emissions since 2003 have come to little fruition, and that stronger measures would need to be introduced if any progress is to be made.

The committee has categorically said that the government would need to ensure a 2-3 percent annual decrease in carbon emissions I it wants to meet its 2050 objectives.

Setting up a new road tax is likely to be met with much opposition from motorists.

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