Europcar survey finds Brits adore their cars

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Car Rental News - 23/10/2009


One in three Brits confess they could not do without four-wheels

According to a recent survey from the car rental company, Europcar, Brits love their cars more than any other drivers in the rest of Europe.

Only 60% of the people surveyed in six other European countries admitted they loved having their own car. In Britain, that ratio shot up to three-quarters of the drivers surveyed. Similarly, 67% of Brits say they simply couldn’t do without a car, while only 61% in Europe said losing their set of wheels would be a serious impediment.

However car-mad a nation Britain may be, there seem to be some efforts being made to reduce car usage when possible. 65% said they used walking of other means of transport, and one third of British drivers said they shared cars.

The subject of alternate means of transport shows another great transport-culture chasm between Britain and the rest of Europe. If they didn’t have a car, two-thirds of European drivers said they would at least consider cycling – in the UK, only half would entertain that option. Brits would rather walk in such a situation: 95% agreed.

The survey found a diverse set of reactions to car ownership and usage in Britain, depending on socio-geographic distinctions. Rural based drivers are most dependent on having their own transport. Some urban car-owners admitted they weren’t overly enamoured with cars, and would consider giving their own up to use public transport. Cars lovers seem to cut across the divides though, and many of these said they would use car hire to get a feel for a new model.

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