Ford reveals new plans to protect passengers

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Car Rental News - 09/11/2009


New backseat airbags to be introduced to keep children and other passengers safe

One of the biggest worries faced by many parents when going on long car journeys is that their children may not be safe in the back seat. Although airbags have long been built into dashboards and steering wheels of modern cars; there has been little provision for those riding in the back of the car.

However, this week, popular car manufacturer Ford announced that they have addressed this problem by becoming the first automaker to offer cars with seatbelt airbags for backseat passengers. Customers who purchase the Ford Explorer next year will find airbags sewn into the shoulder portions of the rear seat belts, which will unfurl in an accident to safely protect all backseat passengers.

In a recent interview, Ford Vice President Sue Cischke stated that: "This marries two life-saving technologies - the airbag technology and the seatbelts. We do a lot of testing in all different configurations to make sure whatever we introduce is safe.”

The new airbags mean that parents can be sure that their children will be safe when sitting in the backseat. The new airbag even protects children using child car seats and booster seats.

As Ciscke added: "We've done testing with kids sleeping, a dummy simulating a child sleeping, just to make sure that it works under all different conditions.”

The seatbelt airbags have been specially designed so that they help support the head and neck in accidents. The special wider seat belts will also reduce the chance of chest injuries as they spread the force applied during an accident over a wider area of the passenger's chest.

This means that parents will be able to concentrate on their driving, safe in the knowledge that there children are well protected if an accident should occur.

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