Kerala Tourism woos UK travel agents

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Car Rental News - 19/11/2009


Southern Indian state wants to appoint 'Kerala specialists'

In a novel venture created by the Kerala Tourism board, an online training programme for travel agents in the UK called Kerala Specialist was launched at the prestigious World Travel Mart being held in London. This programme was initiated so that tour and travel agents in the UK could get the idea of the various albeit unique facets of the southern Indian state and use this knowledge to boost tourism there.

Kerala Specialist aims to create knowledge and awareness about various facets and uniqueness of the state that is often referred to as ‘God’s own Country’.

It is a one of a kind idea developed exclusively by the state’s tourism board. It is hoped that this initiative will influence around 40,000 travel agents present in and around the United Kingdom. Since many tourism boards already supply key information to many travel agents in order to increase knowledge and sales to their respective destinations, this is seen as a similar sort if initiative.

The UK based agents who participate in the online training programme and who achieve to complete the stipulated training course will be awarded a certificate by the Kerala Tourism board. They will then be referred to as Kerala Specialists.

The six basic chapters in the online travel programme include History, culture and geography, its tourist attractions, Kerala’s uniqueness, how to get to Kerala, and even tips on how to sell Kerala.

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