BMI to axe 600 jobs

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Car Rental News - 26/11/2009


Bmi announces job cuts and reduced route count

The airline carrier BMI, has announced that hundreds of jobs are likely to be affected at London’s Heathrow airport, after its restructuring plans are put into place.

The airline has most of its 4500 plus staff based at the Heathrow hub. Also the airline employs over a thousand people at its Castle Donington Headquarters. The total number of jobs expected to be cut is has been announced at six hundred.

In spite of a three month consultation with its staff, the airline has not ruled out the option of further job cuts.

The loss in workforce was largely attributed to the recession, which has steeply affected the entire travel industry. The recession is reported to be one of the worst in recent history, according to the records maintained, and has thrown most of the global travel industry into disarray.

One of the other main consequences of the planned restructuring will be cuts in BMI’s serviced routes. In the cost-cutting plan drawn up, most unprofitable routes will be axed, particluarly those based at Heathrow airport. However, the airline has stated that routes to and from East Midlands airport will not be affected.

This latest information comes close on the heels of Bmi’s previous announcement of cutting around 160 jobs around the country. Also affected will be Leicestershire and Castle Donington.

The management at BMI has taken necessary measures and has commenced negotiations with its labour unions in order to minimize job losses as much as possible.

BMI was taken over by German rival Lufthansa last year. Lufthansa has currently offered BMI its full support in its actions.

As soon as the economic condition for the travel industry turns stable, the airline hopes conditions will be viable enough for it to expand and get back on a growing track.

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