Europcar launches UK leg of its membership

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Car Rental News - 01/12/2009


Easy and Premier class memberships offer car hirers great discounts

The car rental giant, EuropCar, has launched the UK leg of its premier memberships known as EuropcarClub. The membership allows members daily car hires along with club car benefits. The UK launch was announced after the successful trial of the French launch in 2008.

The membership is subscription based, and has two main levels- Premium and Easy. The Europcar membership has set out to benefit those who are unwilling to buy a second car but still want to maintain flexibility of options. Customers that are more environmentally conscious will now have a whole host of green cars to choose from. Business packages are also available to companies that don’t want to lease or purchase new vehicles.

The Easy level of the membership provides customers with low daily hires on any vehicle without the hassle of extra costs such as excess cover or one-way hire. The Premium membership card allows members discounted rates on even the Prestige fleet. The Prestige Fleet offers a collection of luxury automobile brands to choose from.

Britain is considered to be a country that is most open to car sharing. This fact was confirmed by a research undertaken by the rental car giant. Around thirty-four percent of the Britons were comfortable with sharing a car. The average across Europe was estimated to be around twenty-eight percent. An interesting fact that was added by the report stated that the age group that was most comfortable in giving up their cars were 18-34 year olds.

EuropCar has assured all its customers that all cars were 6 months old on an average. The newer range of cars has been grouped together by CO2 emissions-ratings.

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