Government to tax frequent travellers

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Car Rental News - 10/12/2009


Air travel comes under increasing pressure to go green

The Government has released plans to increase the tax burden on frequent fliers and those who make use of the airline industry on a regular basis.

Chairman of the government’s committee on climate change, Lord Turner, has issued a report claiming that those in the business arena and those with higher incomes would be subjected t more indirect taxes that will add to the cost of living in the UK.

While there is little doubt that progress must be made on climate change, why must the government always promise to fight climate change with higher taxes?

We must also remember that the UK authorities, via the Labour government and the Conservative government, previously encouraged growth in the UK airline industry and now they are looking to increase the tax burden.

Calls have also been made to increase direct taxes for UK airlines, with the possibility of taxation on the amount of tax on the amount of carbon released by airlines. But while initially the higher taxes might well have to be met by the airlines, it is obvious to all that UK air travellers will pay the price in the end.

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