Hertz customers stranded when storm hits New York

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Car Rental News - 28/12/2009


Weather causes travel chaos

Disgruntled Hertz customers have been unable to pick up the hire cars that they reserved, due to a shortage this holiday season. When the snowstorm last week left hundreds of would-be flight passengers grounded, they opted to use car hire to drive out of New York.

The problem for Hertz is that many people have still to return the vehicles, which has let to a massive shortage for the Park Ridge-based company. Unfortunately, Hertz has been cutting costs over the last two years by gradually reducing its fleet of hire cars and was ill equipped to cope with the sudden demand.

Richard Broome is a spokesman for the Hertz. In a recent email he explained that: “We have been moving in cars to Manhattan as fast as possible, but we are playing catch up. The unusually severe storm created a temporary fleet shortage.”

Broome also went on to reveal that Hertz is working with limousine companies as well as a number of other transportation services in order to help customers get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

The heavy snowstorm hit New York on December 19th and 20th and brought with it around 10 inches of snow to New York City. As a result, more than 1,600 flights were canceled as the freak weather conditions caused runways to ice over, making take off impossible.

While the current car hire shortage situation is inconvenient, Hertz are urging customers to be patient as they are currently working hard to make sure that everyone gets their chosen vehicle as soon as possible.

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