Bad British weather brings travel industry insurance claims

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Car Rental News - 18/01/2010


Passsengers rish to sue for missed flights and botched holidays

While the travel industry may not have been responsible or even in control of the recent batch of bad weather, it seems that they may still be forced to pay through the nose for it as thousands of would-be travelers decide to make insurance claims.

Many people were forced to cancel their travel plans over the last couple of weeks as the cold snap that afflicted Great Britain delayed flights and forced some airlines to close altogether.

According to the Commission for Aviation Regulation, this agency has been inundated with phone calls over the last few days as passengers tried to determine their rights.

Apparently, even though the airlines didn’t cause the bad weather, they still have the responsibility to take care of and compensate passengers who were forced to find alternative means of transportation when their flights were either delayed o even cancelled altogether.

The UK was particularly badly hit by the recent cold snap, which meant that hundreds of flights had to be cancelled due to heavy snow and ice. Some airports were even forced to close altogether.

Passengers who wish to claim compensation are being advised that they need to seek reimbursement directly from their airlines. However, if this is not successful within a reasonable period of time they can then turn to the commission for help.

Although passengers are not entitled to receive compensation for the inconvenience or the stress caused by flight delays and cancellations, they can receive all of their direct costs, which include food, hotel stays and travel to and from the airport.

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