Penalty point swapping popular among UK traffic violators

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Car Rental News - 08/03/2010


Males deemed 1.5 times more likely to commit offences

On its latest research, Direct Line concluded that UK drivers are more and more swapping their penalty points with their spouse to avoid losing their driving licence. Direct Line found that as many as 2 per cent of the drivers had asked favour from their partner to take instead their penalty points to avoid from being banned. Among the drivers, Londoners were the worst with 7 per cent admitting to the offence. Andy Goldby from Direct Line warned that taking somebody’s penalty points is illegal and too risky.

Meanwhile, figures from the Automobile Association (AA) have revealed that males are 1.5 times more prone to commit driving offence than female drivers. Simon Douglas from the AA informed that most traffic violations in London are due to over-speeding and drunk driving. Meanwhile, driving without insurance and using mobile phone while driving are the next two most likely violations committed by drivers.

Young men are more prone to committing a traffic violation, with almost one-fourth of those drivers aged from 25 to 34. Meanwhile, older women, belonging in the 35-44 age group, are the female drivers more likely to commit an offence. Douglas told that the huge difference between the genders must be due to the reality that men drive 20 per cent more than women. The difference is also shown in insurance premiums, with male drivers paying more than their female counterpart. Douglas however pointed out that the gap between the two genders is closing as more females are now driving more often.

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