Enterprise Rent-A-Car scraps academic assessment

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Car Rental News - 18/03/2010


Enterprise Rent-A-Car will no longer only be using academic qualifications to assess candidates

Enterprise Rent-A- Car has announced that it will be scrapping academic-based assessment of candidates and following the lead of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) npower. The car rental company has now begun to assess its 750 yearly UK graduate candidates in other ways, and is calling for its peers to follow suit.

Students with any level of a degree can apply to work with the company and even those without an academic qualification can apply if they can prove they are sufficiently business-minded. A spokeswoman for Rent-A-Car said they have made the move as an attempt to level out the playing field for all, while also ensuring the company has the pick of the candidates most suited to the job.

She went on to say that Rent-A-Car recruits a diverse range of candidates as they are not solely concerned about degree qualifications. PwC was first to make such a move after directors claimed the job market had become saturated with graduates with good qualifications but little business sense.

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