Ricki-Lee Coulter warns drivers to check papers

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Car Rental News - 01/04/2010


Radio host Ricki-Lee Coulter has said she will never drive again without checking papers after being stopped by police

US radio host Ricki-Lee Coulter has warned her listeners never to hire a car without a full set of papers, after she was pulled over by police for driving an uninsured, unregistered car. The breakfast show host for Nova Radio has claimed that she will never be so careless again after she was stopped by the cops on the Pacific Motorway at the beginning of this month.

Coulter, who will face court on April 15, said she had borrowed the car from a friend to drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to visit her family. She claims she had no idea that the car was not roadworthy and was thoroughly shocked when she was pulled over by police.

The former Idol went on to blame the person who lent her the car, saying she felt let down by someone she trusted and that she would never have borrowed the car if she had known it was uninsured. She added, however, that she was willing to accept the consequences of her actions but that she would never set foot in any car again without checking all the relevant papers.

Despite the embarrassment for Coulter, on a positive note, the breakfast show she hosts along with Merrick Watts and Scott Dooley has jumped by 1.1 per cent in the radio ratings since the incident, closing the gap between them and current leaders Jackie O and Kyle Sandlilands of 2DayFM.

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