Kayak launches new iPad app

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Car Rental News - 05/04/2010


A new iPad app from Kayak puts car hire at just a click away

Travellers will now be able to search for hotels and car rental on the move, as a new iPad app is released. Kayak, the world’s leading travel search engine, launched its iPad application this weekend. The new feature will help holidaymakers search for hire cars and hotels at the touch of a button.

More than a million people already use Kayak’s apps on iPhones, BlackBerries and Androids, and it is expected that many of these will now transfer to iPad. The app is free to download and allows customers to view search results as well as their search history over the phone. Surfers can also use the site’s filters to narrow down their options.

Kayak is a price-comparison search engine specialising in holiday essentials, such as flights, hotels, car hire and travel itineraries. The site’s search tools can compare prices for hundreds of travel agents at once. Kayak has sites in 11 countries including India, USA, France and Spain.

Price comparison websites are becoming more and more popular, with time-starved surfers opting to look for all their answers on one site rather than trawl every company on the web.

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