Volcano stranded could end up further out of pocket

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Car Rental News - 29/04/2010


Thanks to the PM’s advice, 50,000 travellers could see reimbursement claims refused by airlines.

They’ve already endured many days of travel chaos. Now some British holidaymakers may end up further out of pocket if they followed Gordon Brown’s advice.

In the middle of the ash cloud chaos, the Prime Minister announced on television that stranded Brits should make their own way to Channel ports. Unfortunately for those travellers, it now appears Brown’s advice was the opposite of what they should have done.

EU regulations require airlines to take care of passengers when flights are delayed or cancelled. By law, European carriers must offer to re-route passengers or book them on other flights.

Passengers facing overnight delays must be provided with accommodation, food and other basic necessities. However, passengers choosing not to let their airline handle the arrangements could be on their own when it comes to paying the cost.

Airlines already face huge economic headaches thanks to the global economic slump and the high cost of fuel. Now, airlines are going head-to-head with regulators in a bid to minimize their exposure over the ash-cloud disaster.

Many airlines argue that reimbursement should be limited to the face value of passengers’ tickets.

This would appear to be a losing argument - unless you’re one of the thousands of holidaymakers who took their Prime Minister’s advice.

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