BVRLA asks govt to throw tax discs out under new budget

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Car Rental News - 24/06/2010


Industry body is seeking reduced administrative burden for fleet owners.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association has called on the chancellor to use the new budget as a chance to relieve the administration burden on large fleet owners and leasing firms by ditching tax discs. By getting rid of the paper tax discs, both the government and companies managing large vehicle fleets would save huge amounts of money spent.

The government currently spends about £90 million every year printing and distributing tax discs for 34 million vehicles. Modern automatic number plate technology obviates any real need to continue dealing with the old-tech physical tax discs. John Lewis, chief executive of BVRLA, points out that getting rid of tax discs would instantly help the government achieve a significant part of its stated goal to cut government waste. In addition, the money saved could be plowed back into the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to upgrade old technology and practices.

Every year, individual car owners and companies alike have to deal with the administrative headaches of monitoring tax discs, replacing lost discs, applying for and receiving new discs, fitting discs to cars, and sending discs in for refunds. Mr Lewis also pointed out that the government could move to multi-year Excise Duty. This could save his industry another £5 million every year in administration costs.

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