Europcar provides live human ‘sat-nav’ guru for Glastonbury

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Car Rental News - 05/07/2010


Personal touch from a festival insider replaces the ubiquitous satellite technology.

A London couple were the first people to enjoy the specialized services of a Glasonbury guru on their trip to and around the music festival. Music journalist Sunta Templeton was hired by Europcar to provide a human guide for navigating the famous annual event.

As part of its weDeliver service, Europcar supplied a rental car and the first of what could be a new line of human guidance systems to Tracey Standbridge, 27, and boyfriend Johnny Hayes, who is 30. Europcar scoured the internet through Twitter and online music forum sites to find the UK’s top authority on the Glastonbury music festival. Sunta, a 30 year-old music journalist, has been to every Glastonbury festival bar one since 1997.

Sunta’s considerable industry knowledge and her inside access at Glastonbury meant she could do more than just help Europcar’s customers find the best route to the festival. She guided them through the process of maximising their experience at the festival, with tips on everything from which acts to see to how to get the best out of camping at the festival.

Ms Standbridge said their Europcar Guru truly made their visit to Glastonbury special and they would consider using the weDeliver service again for some of the other festivals they plan to visit this summer.

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