Car hire firm launches green web site

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Car Rental News - 08/07/2010


New Avis site advises drivers on keeping it green.

In response to rising consumer interest in things green, leading car hire company Avis has launched a new web site. The new micro-site, launched for motorists in the UK, helps concerned drivers learn how to help protect the environment.

A recent study showed that 64 per cent of people in Europe are concerned about protecting the environment. This is a significant increase from 2007, when the figure was 55 per cent.

Eight out of ten people surveyed by Avis said companies should be punished if they harm the environment. Another piece of research found that 32 per cent of people in the UK and 45 per cent of people in Europe are keen to minimise the effect of their travel on climate change.

As a result, Avis launched their environmental-information web site. Visitors to the site can learn all about what Avis has done over the last decade to avoid spills and leaks, cut emission levels, recycle materials, and eliminate unnecessary waste.

The site also advises drivers on how they can engage in CarbonNeutral projects to reduce their carbon footprints. In 1997, Avis became the first car hire company to achieve CarbonNeutral status.

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