UK motorists increasingly ‘inward looking’

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Car Rental News - 12/07/2010


RAC research shows British drivers are growing more inward looking.

The latest annual report from the RAC shows that UK drivers are more focused on immediate issues than ever before. The latest research by the Royal Automobile Club, which surveyed 1,150 British drivers, found their thoughts were more occupied with concerns about other drivers and the state of the roads than wider, more general and global issues.

The survey found that 97 per cent of drivers in the UK are worried about other drivers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Almost as many – 96 per cent – were concerned about drivers talking on their mobile phones. Eighty-eight per cent of motorists think the conditions of their local roads are getting worse.

The survey also uncovers evidence of the effect on UK drivers of the economic recession. Drivers are increasingly thinking about economical vehicles, with fewer drivers purchasing luxury vehicles and SUVs. Despite some indications in this area, 35 per cent of those surveyed reckoned nothing they did made any difference to the environment. On the other hand, 74 per cent said better tax incentives could inspire them to buy vehicles that are more environmentally-friendly. Two-thirds of drivers said better public transport could tempt them away from their cars. Forty per cent said they had altered their driving styles to save fuel.

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