US report: no fault with Toyota electronic throttle

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Car Rental News - 15/07/2010


Government research clears electronic control of fault in ‘faulty speeding’ cases.

An official probe into claims that Toyota cars accelerated out-of-control has failed to find any problems with electronic throttle many thought was responsible for the thousands of complaints from drivers. The first news about the initial findings from a study conducted by the US government indicate that researchers found no link between the throttle controls and claims by drivers that their vehicles experienced sudden and uncontrollable acceleration.

In fact, the preliminary results are understood to say that some of the nearly 2,200 reported cases involving Toyota and Lexus vehicles could have resulted from drivers mistakenly pushing on the wrong pedal. News of the initial findings was reported by the Wall Street Journal, which claims to have already seen the report. A Toyota spokesman declined to comment, saying the carmaker did not want to draw any conclusions from reports while the investigation was still underway.

The probe is being carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It has used the assistance of both Toyota, which made available data recorder information and the conclusions from its own incident site inspections. Independent scientists and experts from NASA, the space agency, have also taken part. Though the electronic throttle controls have been cleared, reported problems with sticky accelerator pedals and floor mats jamming pedals remain to be investigated.

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