A third of men scared by their partner’s driving

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Car Rental News - 22/07/2010


One in three men fear for their safety if their wife or girlfriend is driving.

A recent study has found that millions of men are, quite frankly, terrified to be passengers in vehicles driven by their wives or girlfriends. A third of the men surveyed admitted they were frightened while their partners were at the wheel. Online market research firm OnePoll released the findings of its study, which surveyed 3,000 men.

Ten per cent of men said they had at some point needed to grab the steering wheel after their partners stopped watching what they were doing and the vehicle headed for the central reservation. Twenty per cent of men said it was impossible for them to relax in the car while their wife or girlfriend was driving. According to the research, twenty per cent of couples had argued because of one partner’s driving.

A spokesperson for OnePoll said that the majority of men they surveyed reckoned they drove more skillfully than their partners. The thing men complained about more than anything else was the ease with which women are distracted by children, passing scenery or other drivers.

A range of other complaints includes letting the car wander side-to-side instead of going in a straight line, failure to avoid rumble strips, jerky use of the accelerator, and getting to near to other vehicles prior to overtaking. Ten per cent of men had at some point had asked their partners to pull off the road so they could take the wheel.

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