Avis makes huge strides in green use of resources

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Car Rental News - 29/07/2010


Water recycling, low-voltage lighting and more give huge cut in carbon footprint.

Global car-hire name Avis has invested in some significant steps aimed at boosting its environmental friendliness and the results speak for themselves at their KwaZulu-Natal regional depot in South Africa. The depot has implemented a range of steps, including installation of low-voltage lighting and ensuring it recycles the water used to wash fleet vehicles. The payoff is a dramatic reduction in the depot’s carbon footprint.

Literally one of the biggest moves was the installation of a 150,000-litre water tank. CEO Wayne Duvenage explained that the reservoir is used to capture and hold rainwater falling on all of the rental firm’s buildings. The water held in the tank is set off against any demand on municipal water supplies incurred by the final clean-water rinse phase of auto washing at the depot. The net results are that the facility becomes ‘water-neutral’ during the rain season and is expected to save about 16 million litres of water every year.

Work flow has been carefully arranged to boost efficiencies, which in turn help further reduce energy consumption. Movement sensors control lighting to ensure lights are off when nobody is around to need them. Conventional water heaters have been replaced by heat pumps, which transfer heat from existing sources to minimise wastage. Meters monitor water consumption throughout the facility. Toilets and other such equipment is optimised with devices that allow efficient use of water.

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