National strike in Greece could mean chaos for Brit tourists

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Car Rental News - 02/08/2010


As the holidays kick off, thousands of Brits could be stranded by Greek strikes.

Truck drivers are on strike across Greece. The strike could catch out British tourists who recently headed to the sunny nation for summer holidays. Already, there are fears of major shortages in supplies of fuel, food and medical provisions as the nation’s trucks stand idle. At least 100,000 tourists who drove from neighbouring countries Serbia and Bulgaria were running into problems. According to reports, fuel supplies have already begun to dry up and officials have urged travellers to stock up on petrol and diesel in Macedonia, which is next door to Greece.

The potential problems could grow much worse. Ferries serving the many islands around Greece could soon stop running as fuel supplies run out. Food and medicines are reportedly in short supply on many of the islands popular with holidaymakers. The Greek government has taken the unusual step of enacting a mobilisation order. The emergency legislation has only been used three times in the 26 years since military rule ended in Greece. It provides stiff penalties for truckers who refuse to go back to work.

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