AA says scrapping speed cameras is a risk to life

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Car Rental News - 06/09/2010


The AA has warned the government that turning off speed camera risks lives.

Government turning off speed cameras in a bid to save money is putting lives at risk, says the AA. The auto-breakdown firm has warned that switching off cameras in Oxfordshire has local people alarmed. Residents there are worried that there will be more speeding. The government has cut central funding of speed cameras. It has also lopped £38 million off the road safety budget. As a result, speed cameras throughout the UK risk being switched off by local councils hit by the lack of funding.

Speed cameras in Oxfordshire were taken out of service after budget cuts led to the county council withdrawing £600,000 in funding. According to the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership, the number of motorists who speed past deactivated speed cameras in the county has risen by as much as 88 per cent since the cameras were turned off.

The AA said the national debate on the scrapping of speed cameras is not paying sufficient attention to the views of motorists. Edmund King, president of the AA, says the people of Britain are more worried about saving lives on roads that may turn into race tracks than they are about the government’s promise to end what it calls the ‘war on motorists’ by eliminating funding for speed cameras.

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