Why 60th birthday means insurance hit for women drivers

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Car Rental News - 28/10/2010


Otherwise seen as a safer insurance bet, women suffer higher premiums when they turn 60.

Women drivers can get a rude surprise when they turn 60 as car insurance premiums can rise by more than £80. Before this age, women are statistically safer drivers and their insurance premiums reflect this, typically being lower than those of men.

However, this apparently changes when women hit the age of retirement. The disparity in driving ability between men and women seems to reverse from the age of 60. Research indicates that from this point, women’s driving expertise begins to tail off.

Men, on the other hand, appear to be become comparably better drivers. The bottom line is that women begin to see their premiums rise at a faster rate while men enjoy slimmer increases in insurance rates. The conclusions regarding driving ability are drawn in a recent study on insurance premiums.

Consumer organization Which? surveyed insurance quotes available online through five different insurers. In the study, quotes were requested for a man aged 60 and a woman of the same age. The application was made based on the same automobile, no-claims history and address. On one case, the insurance quoted for a female was £80.85 more expensive than that quoted for the man.

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