New speed camera tracks five offences at one time

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Car Rental News - 04/11/2010


New camera design can capture up to five offences at the same time.

British roads could soon see a new design of traffic camera capable of recording as many as five offences all at once. In addition to speeding offences, the camera is able to spot drivers not wearing their safety belts as well as those guilty of tailgating.

The new roadside enforcement camera is known as ASSET, which stands for Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport. The device is also capable of reading number plates, which means it can be used to spot vehicles that have out-of-date tax discs or that are uninsured.

Development of the ASSET camera has been financed by the European Commission. Work on the camera is being carried out by a consortium comprised of several European universities and research institutions. The camera is currently undergoing testing in Finland.

In the UK organisations representing motorists as and road safety are cautiously welcoming the new design of camera. Edmund King, president of the AA, said he would be happy to see a device that could prevent tailgating. However, he added that he hoped the new camera would not simply be used to generate revenues. Speed Cameras dot org, a campaign group, also gave a cautious welcome to the announcement, whilst voicing concerns about accuracy and sensible use of the device.

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