UK drivers are the best fuel misers

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Car Rental News - 25/11/2010


British motorists get more miles out of a litre than anyone else in Europe.

UK motorists make more efficient use of fuel than any other drivers in the main motoring countries of Europe. That’s the finding of a survey just released.

The research studied drivers across the continent. More than 5,000 drivers were surveyed by Italian car giant Fiat. The study concluded that British drivers were top of the fuel-economy ranking. They scored a 62 per cent in terms of possible fuel efficiency.

The Brits beat the drivers of Germany, Italy, France and Spain. The research was based on the data generated by 500,000 European car journeys. The survey found that Brits shifted gears efficiently. They demonstrated a driving style that was centre on what researchers termed ‘exceptionally smooth and thoughtful’ use of the gears.

The French were found to make poor use of the gears but they braked gently and a ready to use gear-change techniques that save fuel. The Germans are good at keeping steady speeds but they accelerate too hard to reach them.

Germans were also found to benefit from the best road system. In the German road system, congestion and traffic lights were found to make cars stop for a daily average of only six minutes.

Italians were the worst at maintaining steady average speeds and gentle braking. The Spanish came last in the five-country ranking but were the best at picking up new techniques.

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