Winter misery continues

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Car Rental News - 09/12/2010


Bitterly cold temperatures and more heavy snow continue to cause chaos across Britain.

Across the UK, travel is being disrupted and emergency services are battling to deal with conditions as bitterly cold Arctic temperatures and repeated heavy snowfalls leave motorists trapped and roads empty. Forecasters say the freezing cold and snow will continue.

In Scotland, hundreds of vehicles were stranded for a second night on roads blocked by snow as emergency teams worked to clear major routes. Throughout central Scotland, drivers had to abandon their cars. In North Yorkshire, a sudden heavy snowfall left more than a hundred cars trapped.

Snow fell on ice covered sections of the A171 between Scarborough and Whitby. Police said the conditions made the road to dangerous to use. Temperatures in Scotland fell to -20°C overnight. Yorkshire and parts of Cumbria saw -15°C. In London, the temperature was below freezing.

The Met Office warns that more heavy snow is expected in North East England and in Yorkshire. The North Yorkshire Moors could see as much as 15cm of snow.

Conditions are expected to ease in many parts of Britain but further wintry showers are forecast for some eastern coastal areas. Temperatures are unlikely to rise much past freezing.

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