Confusing signage to be scrapped

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Car Rental News - 06/01/2011


Confusing traffic signs that cause accidents and parking problems are to be scrapped.

The government has announced it is reviewing the status of dozens of road markings that are said to be outdated and confusing for drivers. Many of the confusing road signs are being blamed as the cause of accidents and unfair parking penalties.

The campaign will result in a dramatic rationalisation of the UK road signing system as well as a shake-up of the UK Highway Code. Norman Baker, the Transport Minister, is especially concerned about parking and bus lane signs he describes as ‘baffling’.

The range of exemptions, schedules and instructions described by such signs are said often to be impossible for motorists to understand. This leads to traffic accidents and confusion over parking rules, with consequential fines that are seen as unfair to drivers.

Rules can be further complicated by locating residents’ parking bays alongside metered spaces. Mr Baker said that motorists were increasingly subject to unfair parking fines just because they had misunderstood confusing signage.

He added that it was senseless to have some prohibitive signs featuring a red circle and a line through the banned activity when other signs used a red circle bearing no line. He went on to say that some signs were well beyond their sell-by dates.

The Transport Minister indicated the end was in sight for a sign he calls the ‘Evel Knievel’ sign that seems to display a motorcycle jumping a car. The sign is meant to say that vehicles are prohibited from the road.

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