AA warns that new insurance rules threaten innocent drivers

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Car Rental News - 10/01/2011


New rules could threaten uninsured drivers, even if they don’t use their cars.

The government is expected to launch new regulations in the new few days that will make it illegal to have any uninsured car. The rules do not discriminate between cars that are driven and those that are not used on the highway.

Under the new rules, owners of vehicles that are not insured could be fined for having uninsured vehicles. In some cases, the penalties could be even more severe.

The new restrictions will even apply to cars being kept in garages or on driveways. Vehicle owners who have failed to complete a form called the Statutory Off Road Notification, or SORN, could still be subject to punishment unless their vehicles are insured. A SORN is a declaration that a vehicle is being kept off the road.

The new rules were originally to be included in the 2006 Road Safety Act. Enforcement will be carried out by comparing information in the Motor Insurers’ Bureau database to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s data.

However, a leading organisation that represents motorists is warning that the new measure is a threat to innocent motorists. A spokesman for the AA says it is worried that innocent drivers could be caught out by the rules while what he called a ‘motoring underclass’ – people who deliberately avoid taxation and insurance, would be left untouched.

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