Portugal and Spain offer maximum value

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Car Rental News - 24/01/2011


Price competition and exchange rates are driving value in Spain and Portugal.

A survey by the Post Office shows that traditional popular holiday destinations like Portugal and Spain are getting more affordable for British travellers. Over the last 12 months, prices in Portugal are down by 49 per cent, making it the cheapest country in a 10-country list to buy typical holiday shopping items.

The bill for a mix of typical holiday shopping, including sun cream, a three-course meal and drinks, came out to just £32.84 in Portugal. Spain, where the same shopping cost £36.68, was the next-cheapest country.

Malaysia was the most expensive nation on the list. The same shopping there cost a relatively pricey £47.68.

Post Office Travel Money conducted the survey. It also surveyed which countries’ currencies strengthened the most against the pound.

In Malaysia, Australia, South Africa and Thailand, British holidaymakers will notice their money goes nowhere near as far as it did a year ago. However, if you head to Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria or the eurozone, you’ll be happy to see your pounds go much farther than 12 months.

Sarah Munro, who is head of Post Office Travel Money, explained why Spain and Portugal were now so affordable. She said it was a combination of price-cutting by resorts hit by a drop in the numbers of visitors, allied to improved exchange rates.

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