Premium for half-term breaks continues to rise

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Car Rental News - 17/02/2011


The cost of family holidays at half term continues to increase, shows the latest survey.

The average family holiday at half-term costs 50 per cent more than the same break just a fortnight later. However, the premium on a four-person break during the school break could be as high as 269 per cent.

The shocking facts on how families are being hit by fresh cost increases are revealed by the latest comparison of holiday costs. Santander Cards surveyed the cost of five typical holiday breaks at half term.

The survey, which compared prices for the same holiday packages just two weeks later in March, found that the extra premium charged to travel during the busy school break adds £1,132 to an average trip for a family of four. That premium can be much, much higher, however.

The biggest price differential was found on trips to Lanzarote out of London. A break at one popular four-star destination rose in price by £4,619. The 269-per-cent premium drove the price from £1,720 to £6,339.

The latest figures appear to show that holiday-time price increases have worsened. Santander Cards carried out a similar survey last summer. At that time, the biggest premium was found to be just 85 per cent.

The problem has driven some families to take holidays outside of break time. As a result, local authorities started issuing fines in a bid to stop parents taking their kids out of school to go on holiday.

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