Britons told to get out of Tokyo as radiation fears increase

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Car Rental News - 17/03/2011


British citizens in Japan’s capital and northern areas of the nation have been told to evacuate the area.

While the crisis at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear facility worsened, the British government advised UK nationals in Japan’s capital city and northern areas of the nation that they should get out of the area. The advice comes as Japanese authorities pushed on with desperate moves aimed are stabilising the nuclear crisis.

Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office announced that Britons in areas near the nuclear facility should leave Japan or move to the country’s south. Other countries have started issuing similar warnings.

Some foreign firms have started evacuating their staff. Other companies are helping staff move south, away from the crisis zone.

Several nations have started operations to fly their citizens out of Japan. This morning, Thailand announced it was flying a C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft to bring some of its citizens back home. Airlines based in Europe and Asia have started diverting flights from Tokyo to Osaka and cancelling others.

The FCO’s latest advice comes as staff at the crippled power plant continued with what look like increasingly desperate endeavours to avoid a much-feared meltdown at the facility. This morning, helicopters began dumping water on one of the facility’s reactor building in hopes of cooling the spent fuel pool and lowering radiation levels.

Official announcements from other nations have steadily increased in concern over what is happening in Japan. The USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission seemed to take a very strong position. The head of the body said it thinks the situation at the plant could be even worse than the reports by Japanese officials appear to indicate.

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