Transport Minister tells workers to stay home

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Car Rental News - 07/04/2011


The government says more people should work from home or get to work late.

Hoping to find ways that traffic congestion can be reduced, the government is saying a more flexible approach to employment should be implemented. Suggested moves include working from home, travelling outside rush hour and using satellite offices.

Transport Minister Norman Baker says it is no longer necessary to have huge numbers of people filling roads and public transport networks for short periods of the day. He suggests that modern technology and working methods should allow more people to work from home or out of satellite offices.

The minister also says more companies should let their staff work flexible routines that would let them avoid the traditional rush-hour traffic. The government wants to find ways to alleviate the pressure of existing rush-hour schedules, which see roads and railways crammed with commuters, both in the capital and throughout the country.

Mr Baker suggested that more people could be allowed to work from home, as modern technology means it is no longer a requirement for most staff to actually be in their offices. He also thinks satellite offices could be used to develop commuting routes that go against existing traffic flows.

Government ministers are considering a range of options they hope could help push people away from the traditional rush hour. Bus, tube and train companies could provide steeper discounts on travel costs for those who commute outside the busiest times of day.

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