Honest drivers pay a high price for uninsured motorists

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Car Rental News - 14/04/2011


More than three million drivers have had accidents involving uninsured drivers.

More than three million ‘honest’ drivers – those who have insurance – have been involved in traffic accidents with motorists who have no insurance. That is the key finding of recent research.

The survey, conducted by insurers Direct Line and Brake, a road-safety charity, has identified the high price paid for collisions with uninsured motorists. The cost is borne both in terms of death and injury, as well as increases in insurance rates needed to pay for drivers who have not paid for their own insurance cover.

Ten per cent of drivers, roughly 3.3 million Brits, have been involved in accidents involving uninsured drivers. A quarter of those crashes resulted in injury and four per cent of those involved the death of at least one person.

It is a legal requirement in the UK for drivers to carry insurance. The study also identified the fact that the law-abiding motorists are often the ones who end up with injuries.

In 17 per cent of accidents, uninsured motorists fled the scene. Nearly a third of drivers who had no insurance (32 per cent) lied about having insurance and 23 per cent allegedly tried to avoid getting ‘the insurers involved’.

Overall, honest drivers end up paying 30 pounds per year for uninsured drivers. According to Brake, research has shown that uninsured drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, as well as cause death and injuries.

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