Man in bizarre ironing stunt on the M1 motorway

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Car Rental News - 18/04/2011


In the latest episode of an extreme stunt, a man was filmed ironing in the middle of the motorway.

In what appears to be the latest example of a bizarre extreme ironing stunt craze, a man has been filmed doing his ironing in the middle of the M1 motorway. Fortunately, there seems to have been no danger to anybody as the section of motorway concerned was closed.

The southbound M1 had been shut for the weekend as a result of fire damage. The man, who wore slippers and a blue dressing gown, was spotted ironing a white shirt in the motorway by an ITN cameraman at around 9am.

The cameraman was covering the closure of the motorway. The ironing stunt appears to be part of a trend that involves people doing some ironing in remote or strange places.

The craze even has its own web site. The ‘official’ site says the activity - the latest ‘danger sport’ – combines the thrills of extreme outdoor activities with satisfaction derived from a ‘well-pressed shirt’.

The news and footage of the man’s strange stunt appears as Mike Penning, the Transport Minister, confirms the M1, a major route for traffic, might not be completely open again until near the end of this week.

The motorway stunt seems to underline the surreal manner in which critics say the M1 closure has been handled. Boris Johnson, London’s mayor, called the motorway closure ‘health and safety madness’.

Mr Johnson question if the Highways Agency had moved quickly enough. A spokesman for the mayor said Mr Johnson was not questioning the need to close the motorway on safety grounds but was asking if the Highways Agency was moving quickly enough and whether the entire motorway had to be shut.

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