Edinburgh council plans parking crackdown

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Car Rental News - 09/05/2011


Parking cheats to be hit by new clamping regime.

Edinburgh council says it will implement a new clamping regime, in a bid to crack down on the city’s worst parking cheats. One such cheat is responsible for in excess of 60 unpaid parking tickets.

Cheats like that will be the focus of the new parking-control regime, which goes live in the next few weeks. Motorists with in excess of 20 unpaid tickets will be targeted by the new rules.

According to some reports, Edinburgh has nearly 40 such cheats, who between them owe a total of more than £100,000 worth of unpaid parking fines. One driver owes almost more than £5,600 in unpaid fines on 63 tickets.

Some drivers who have fewer tickets owe even larger amounts as they have not paid anything. When unpaid parking tickets are passed from the council to sheriff officers, the amount owed per ticket raises from £60 to £90.

Another driver, who has 53 outstanding fines, owes more than £7,000. Earlier attempts to bring in new clamping rules were delayed by the need to eliminate legal complications.

The new clampdown has reportedly been forced by the number of drivers who have not registered their automobiles with the DVLA. The unregistered vehicles cannot be traced by parking authorities, leaving the council with huge numbers of unpaid tickets.

The DVLA has the authority to clamp vehicles that have not been taxed. This new crackdown, however, marks the first time Edinburgh council has been given the power to seize vehicles over unpaid tickets.

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