UK destinations blasted over poor quality and high prices

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Car Rental News - 16/05/2011


A new travel guide criticises the UK’s over-priced, unattractive destinations.

The latest edition of one of the world’s most famous travel guides contains plenty of criticism for tourist Britain, which it reckons may well have had its day as a tourism destination. The author of the latest version of the Great Britain travel guide from Lonely Planet says many destinations in the UK are ‘overpriced’ or lack quality.

The guide says Britain’s tourist industry sometimes simply fails to deliver. The works of Lonely Planet are considered by many travellers as authoritative views on travel. Some 100,000 travellers are expected to purchase the new book.

Despite offering plenty of criticism of the UK as a tourism destination in its ‘no-holds-barred’ assessment, the book admits that many parts of the UK remain ‘great’. Lonely Planet says Britain continues to be amongst the most fascinating destinations in the world.

The guide says London offers excellent restaurants and many free attractions for kids. Edinburgh, it says, is one of world’s most fascinating cities and it refers to Manchester as ‘truly special’.

Despite the many complaints, the guide says the weak British pounds makes the country a great destination for overseas visitors. Such value is not available to British holidaymakers, who may regret opting for ‘staycations’.

The author says that one can enjoy a cheap holiday in the UK but that could still cost as much as heading abroad. He says travellers on tight budgets will find that hotels, restaurants, public transport and admission fees are all more expensive to their counterparts in other parts of Europe.

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