HS2 labelled ‘not necessary’

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Car Rental News - 13/06/2011


Opponents of the proposed High Speed Two rail project have repeated their claim that the link is not needed.

Opponents of the proposal to build a high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham have again stated their opinion that HS2 is not necessary. Public consultation is currently underway for the first phase of the project, running between Birmingham and London.

A second phase has been proposed to further link the new rail line to Manchester and this, too, is in the public consultation phase. Some opponents, however, say not enough people knew they now had the opportunity to give their input on the proposed scheme.

Philip Hammond, the Secretary for Transport, says the consultation is currently being held nationwide and people across Britain are taking the opportunity to provide their views on what Mr Hammond calls a ‘major investment’ in the future economic competitiveness of the UK.

Joy Field from Kings Bromley, Staffordshire, is opposing the project. She says the revised HS2 route would cut through farmland belonging to her family.

She complained that it is a ‘huge’ project that will save roughly 20 minutes on rail travel between London and Birmingham but will destroy so much. Another opponent, who lives near Lichfield in Staffordshire, was shocked to discover the new route will essentially cut her home off.

Maggie Punyer said she had had no idea the rail link would follow that route. She said she had talked to engineers earlier in the week during an HS2 visit to Lichfield.

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