Tourists at Holy Island keep driving into the sea

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Car Rental News - 20/06/2011


Lifeboat staff say tourists are continuing to attempt driving across a tidal causeway when it is unsafe to do so.

Lifeboat volunteers have said that tourists visiting Holy Island are still trying to drive across the tidal causeway, even when it is not safe to do so. As a result, they regularly have to rescue tourists when their cars are caught in the sea.

In a recent incident, a lifeboat was called out to rescue a couple from Australia after they ended up stranded in the sea, as the tide came in while they drove on the causeway to Holy Island, off the Northumberland coast. This was the eighth time this year that a Seahouses RNLI crew has rescued people from the causeway.

Ian Clayton, based at the Seahouses station, says that it is incredible that people apparently think they can drive into the sea. The latest rescue, which came on Thursday, saw the couple forced to abandon a hire car as the incoming tide swept in and they escaped to a refuge shelter on the causeway.

As Mr Clayton points out, such events are easily avoided. No locals are every caught by the tide, it’s always people who have come to visit the area.

Thousands of tourists are attracted to Holy Island, which is also known as Lindisfarne, every year. One recent incident saw a nearly-new BMW lost to the sea.

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