Enterprise adds more electric vehicles to its fleet

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Car Rental News - 14/07/2011


US car hire firm Enterprise is expanding the range of electric cars in its fleet.

US car rental giant Enterprise Holdings has announced it is to invest several hundred thousand of dollars to expand its fleet of electric vehicles. The company, which is based in the city of St Louis, announced the move on Wednesday.

The expansion of the company’s fleet of electric cars comes as Andrew Taylor, CEO and chairman at Enterprise Holdings, is set to appear in Washington DC at a national summit addressing energy security. The company says it is the first automobile hire firm in the USA to include the Chevrolet Volt, which offers an extended range, in its fleet.

Enterprise Holdings is the USA’s biggest car rental company. It buys electric vehicles from manufacturers with the assistance of incentives provided by the US federal government. The company’s fleet of EVs includes the Chevrolet Volt, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the Peugeot iOn and 500 Nissan LEAFs.

The fleet of electric vehicles is to be introduced to a number of new markets via a combination of Enterprise branches, local business hire programmes, and WeCar auto-sharing. Markets set to see more electric cars include San Francisco in California, Portland in Oregon and Seattle in Washington.

Nissan has already managed to sell some 4,000 LEAF all-electric cars in the USA. More than 12 per cent of those have gone to Enterprise.

Enterprise says it has already implemented a range of measures to upgrade the environmentally-friendly nature of its operations. It says it can also use its 5,500-strong branch network to expose the public to the latest alternative-energy vehicles available.

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