Watch out for Europe’s high petrol prices

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Car Rental News - 04/08/2011


Travellers are warned to beware the high cost of petrol on the Continent

British holidaymakers are warned to be prepared to budget significant outlays for petrol while touring Europe by car. The caution was issued for Brits keen to keep travel costs down by driving to their holiday destinations on the Continent.

Driving across to Europe is popular and traditional way to enjoy a cost-effective holiday for many families in the UK. However, rising global oil prices have combined with a weakened pound to produce skyrocketing petrol prices.

The RAC recommends travellers fill their tanks with fuel before hopping on ferries to the Continent. Sterling’s poor exchange rate against the euro makes the price of petrol in eight European countries higher than Britain.

Holidaymakers will need to be ready for stiff prices at the pumps in Italy, France and Portugal, amongst others, if they drive in Europe. There is one piece of good news, however – petrol is cheaper in Spain, where it costs just 123 pence a litre, substantially lower than the UK average of slightly more than 136 pence.

Diesel also costs less in Europe, where many countries levy lower tax rates on the fuel than does the UK. The RAC Foundation has studied the situation as heavy swings in the currency markets and volatile oil price have led to pump prices for petrol in Britain being slightly more than one penny short of record highs.

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