Arab Spring countries hope for tourism boost

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Car Rental News - 10/11/2011


Nations affected by this year’s Arab Spring political uprising are hoping for a subsequent boost in tourism visitors.

The news comes as Both Tunisia and Egypt have launched new tourism campaigns, according to the World Travel Market (WTM) trends report as seen at ExCel London. Among slogans used in the efforts, Egypt is touting itself as the nation of ‘peaceful revolution’.

The report, which comes via market analysis group Euromonitor International, also revealed that as many as two in five Britons forewent a holiday in 2011 and that nearly 50 per cent of those that did travel abroad racked up massive phone bills by continuing to use mobile devices overseas.

Chairman Fiona Jeffery of the WTM said that the promptness of the marketing campaigns initiated by both Egypt and Tunisia highlighted how important that the fresh democracies in both countries see tourism to be in terms of their economic futures. Jeffery added that tourism could help the new democracies to grow and has the potential to do so in all Arab Spring countries.

Other figures in the report, which come via a 1,600-person survey conducted by Euromonitor, showed that a third of Britons were planning not to travel as often due to travel tax increases whilst 26 per cent said the new APD rates would affect their budgets but would keep travel plans in place.

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