South Wales Police chief opposes 80mph limit

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Car Rental News - 14/11/2011


The chief of South Wales Police has spoken out against government plans to raise the speed limit to 80mph.

The move by the Department of Transport is set to go into effect in England and Wales in 2013following a consultation regarding the matter in September. But Peter Vaughan of the South Wales Police has said that 70mph is a sufficient top speed limit for motorways in the UK.

The chief said in an interview on the BBC’s Politics Show that he could understand why drivers would be in favour of an 80mph speed limit but said he was in favour of keeping 70mph and noted that the faster that one drives the larger the impact will be when they hit something. He said the feeling deepened when thinking about people passing him at 70mph or higher on the motorway when matrix signs advised 40mph. He said that matrix signs on the motorways were put there for a reason, which is to let motorists know what it ahead of them.

He also said during the show that he backed plans to devolve responsibility for policing from Cardiff Bay to Westminster. He said that the South Wales Police were doing very well in terms of reducing robberies and burglaries but admitted that his force still had to convince the public of their achievements.

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