Motorist shocked in granite block incident

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Car Rental News - 05/12/2011


A British driver has said she was “shocked” when a granite block struck her car after being thrown from a bridge.

The incident occurred on 1 December as Lisa Horne and her mother were driving home from the Lakeside shopping centre on the A12 in Essex. The massive stone hit and shattered her windscreen as she passed under the Fryerning Lane Bridge just 40 minutes before another block was thrown from Galleywood’s Hanningfield bridge.

Horne, a resident of Brentwood, said that she simply could not understand why someone would throw large stones from a bridge, adding that it was clear that they were not “normal people”.

Ms Horne said to reporters that she was travelling in the slow lane at 55mph when the incident occurred and that if she had been going just one mile per hour faster the block may have gone straight through the windscreen. She said that she had heard a loud smash and then the glass completely shattered.

Meanwhile, one of the two individuals involved West Hanningfield bridge incident remains in hospital after suffering life-threatening injuries. She is reported to be in stable condition after sustaining severe cuts.

Police say that the both ordeals will be treated as attempted murder.

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