Carillion awarded new motorway contract

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Car Rental News - 05/01/2012


Carillion has been contracted by the UK Highways Agency to upgrade another large section of the M6 in England.

Officials said this week that the contract, worth £104.9 million, would see the roadway improved outside of Birmingham between junction 5 and junction 8, transforming the stretch into a fully managed motorway.

Managed motorways in the United Kingdom utilise specially designed operating procedures and the latest technology to provide optimum traffic flow. This includes opening up hard shoulder areas to vehicles during peak hours and utilising variable mandatory speed limits.

Carillion and three other providers are continually contracted by the Highways Agency to install and help with operating the national framework of managed motorways. This newest contract comes just after the company delivered completed work on nearby sections of the M6 between junctions 8 and junction 10A as well as between junction 4 and junction 5.

Mike Penning, the roads minister, said that the UK has learned form experience that managed motorways bring about significant benefits in the form of shorter journey times and improved road safety. He added that this was why the Government continues to invest in such schemes and that by 2015 there will be 16 managed motorway projects in the works across the United Kingdom.

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