UK government grants to benefit electric vans

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Car Rental News - 19/01/2012


Companies and individuals owning electric vans can now enjoy government electric car grant benefits.

The grant scheme, which provides car buyers with as much as £5,000 toward the purchase of a new electric vehicle, is slated to continue through 2015. And now the new inclusion of electric vans is likely to prompt a surge in sales, experts say.

With the change, those purchasing electric vans can now receive a grant to provide 20% off the purchase prise of the plug-in vehicle, which could amount to £8,000 for each van.

Norman Baker, the transport minister, said in an official statement on Wednesday that car buyers had been provided with a great opportunity to opt for electric vehicles for a full year and now van buyers would also have a great incentive to go electric. He added that this provided an excellent opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the lower cost of operating electric vans.

Despite the Government setting aside some £400 million to support the purchase of ultra low carbon vehicles, statistics show that only about 1,000 consumers took advantage of the grant program in 2011. However, experts say the disappointing figure is the result of only five of 10 eligible vehicles being available last year.

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