Enterprise to back US safety recall oversight

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Car Rental News - 01/03/2012


Enterprise has become the next rental provider to back US initiative to regulate the use of recalled rental vehicles.

The car hire firm’s parent company, Enterprise Holdings, said this week that it had changed its stance regarding US federal oversight of the way that rental companies manage safety recalls for fleet vehicles.

The move follows an earlier backing of the measure by car hire giant Hertz two weeks ago, as the legislation, which safety groups have been pushing for nearly eight years, continues to gain momentum.

Among the measure’s top advocates is the mother of Raechel and Jacqueline Houck, two sister that were killed in an accident with an Enterprise rental vehicle that had been recalled by the manufacturer. US authorities later ruled that Enterprise was liable for the incident because it could have been avoided if the car had been taken in for repairs in accordance with the recall, which would have fixed the power steering issued that caused the crash with an 18-wheeler commercial vehicle.

But despite enterprise saying that it was dedicated to National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) oversight of the rental recall process, the company did not confirm that it supported the current bill in the hands of US lawmakers.

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