8ft snake found in package at Stansted airport

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Car Rental News - 02/04/2012


An 8ft snake was rescued from a shipping package by Stansted airport security at the weekend.

Officials said the reptile was found in a box about 8 hours before it was due to be put on a plane to reach its new owner, who had bought the albino python on eBay. The Royal Mail said the animal was taken aside after it was discovered because shipping live creatures is a violation of Royal Mail regulations.

RSPCS inspector Steve Reeves told reporters that snakes are particularly sensitive to environmental conditions and that it very easily could have died during shipping if the package had been put in a cold place. He said that security officers found the snake after spotting it on an x-ray machine. He added that they did not know that it was a live animal so they must have had “quite the surprise” when opening the box.

Security officials later got in contact with the new owner of the snake and transport via a courier was arranged.

Meanwhile Stansted passengers face substantial disruptions during the upcoming holiday weekend as labour unions representing ground workers and management have yet to reach an agreement over working conditions and pay.

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