Airport parking rates can exceed airfares

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Car Rental News - 03/05/2012


A consumer group has reported that fees associated with parking at the airport can cost more than flying itself.

The news comes via consumer watchdog Which?, whose report issued last week revealed that parking at London’s overcrowded Heathrow airport can cost as much as £120 weekly for passengers failing to book ahead.

According to the report, around 36 per cent of people flying from UK airports drive, which leaves them in the vulnerable position of dealing with the costly and timely process of parking at air gateways. Which? officials noted that it can be extraordinarily expensive if parking is not arranged ahead of time; a pre-booked space at Birmingham airport can be as affordable as £28 per week, whilst the price for car owners turning up with no reservations can push the cost up dramatically to £85 weekly.

Which? said that the airport parking industry’s system of selling inventory to customers is not unlike budget air carriers in that the best deals are normally only available well in advance and rates change quickly as the parking/departure time approaches.

Similarly, a spokesman said behalf of Which? that offsite car parks can also be great moneysavers and can be just as quick as parking at the airport terminal itself.

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