Europcar invests in Toyota hybrid scheme

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Car Rental News - 09/08/2012


Car rental firm Europcar has announced a move towards sustainability via a forthcoming fleet of Toyota Yaris Hybrids.

The car hire provider said in a press release issued early this week that in response to demand for greener vehicles that it would be adding 100 Yaris Hybrid models to its inventory within the remainder of the year.

Europcar Group’s managing director of UK operations, Ken McCall, said in a statement that the Yaris was an “exciting addition” to the company’s ever-growing hybrid fleet.

Officials said that renters using the model in Greater London will be able to take advantage of Green Vehicle Discount (GVD) benefits in coordination with changes to the city’s Congestion Charges that will go into force later in the year.

Mr McCall said that the new GDV limitation was 80g/km and that the Yaris fell within this category, making the model a great choice for helping customers to minimise travel costs.

Toyota’s general fleet manager, Ewan Shepherd, said in the Europcar press release that Toyota remains a global pioneer in sustainable and hybrid technologies and that the Yaris Hybrid brings its innovations to a wider audience.

The Yaris Hybrid is the first B-segment car in Europe to feature full hybrid characteristics, according to the release.

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